Videos SIZWG 2023

Chris Baumann
First evidence for synanthropic behavior in Late Pleistocene ravens.

Magdalena Krajcarz, Maciej T. Krajcarz, Hervé Bocherens
The IsoTroph project – Advanced techniques in isotopic biogeochemistry for the estimation of fossil mammal trophic position.

Rana Özbal, Stephanie Emra, Safoora Kamjan, Eylem Özdoğan, Norbert Benecke Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope results for faunal samples from Aşaği Pinar.

Adriana Leite, António Valera, Nelson Almeida, Cláudia Relvado, Rosalind E. Gillis
Investigating sheep management practices at the site of Perdigões (4th millennium BC, South Portugal) via sequential carbon and oxygen isotopic analyses of tooth enamel.

Roz Gillis, Richard Madgwick, Marta Dal Corso, Federico Polisca, Katie Faillace, Cristiano Nicosia
Bronze Age herding in Northern Italy: case study of Oppeano multi-proxy isotope approach.