SIZWG meeting

Beyond the baseline: Broadening stable isotopic horizons in zooarchaeology

22nd to 25th March BERLIN

In the last 20 years, stable isotopic measurements of faunal material has been a common feature of archaeozoological investigation into past animal ecologies and interactions between human societies and local environments. The daily growing body of results demonstrates the power of animal tissues to record environmental and climatic change in the past and the adaptation of hunting/herding practices in response (directly or indirectly) to these changes, for example, the emergence of pastoralism. Alongside this, there has been a growing awareness of ethical issues related to sampling heritage collections and our role as custodians to prevent/reduce sample destruction. Methodological advances and BIG data analysis have reduced the need for destructive sampling.

We are looking for contributions from archaeozoologists, archaeologists, bioanthropologists but also, ecologists, geochemists, paleontologists and geologists. Multi-perspectives will strengthen our analytical approaches and interpretations.

To reduce costs and apply for external funding, we need to have a provisional list of participants. So we invite researchers to note their interest and provide a provisional title for an oral or poster presentation within the planned sessions (HERE). If we are successful, we can potentially help support researchers travel costs.

Deadline is the 14th AUGUST

Look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

On behalf of oragnising commitee:

Maaike Groot (FU)

Jana Eger (FU)

Elke Kaiser (FU)

Ulrich Struck (MfN)

Roz Gillis (DAI)